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Health Management

The drugs you take and the dosage regimen are tailored especially for you and your condition. Because drugs have both desirable and undesirable effects, you should be aware of them and understand which ones should be reported to your doctor.

Medication should be taken EXACTLY as instructed. Ask your doctor about anything you are not sure of and write the directions down if you think you may not remember them. Other memory aids are also available and they are especially helpful for elderly people or anyone on a multiple-drug regimen.

Deviation from your dosage regimen will defeat the purpose of drug therapy and may even be dangerous. You should know the drug name and dosage level of all medicines and report them each time you see the doctor. Keeping a wallet card with the complete name and dosage is helpful.

The best way to renew your prescription is to call your pharmacy during our regular office hours. We are always on the alert for possible problems with interactions and chemical dependency.



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