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Offered at Our 5301 Vernon Ave. S. Location

We would like to welcome you to our brand new mammography suite within our clinic.  We offer state of the art equipment, exceptional quality, experience and patient comfort.  We have 2 highly trained mammography technologists who can offer you comfortable, private, one on one service!

Your decision to have a mammogram is one of the more important things you can do for your health.  Breast cancer is one of the most significant health threats facing women today.

The good news is that the earlier a breast cancer is detected, the chances are better for complete cure.  Breast self-examination, physical examination by a health-care professional, and mammography are all important in breast cancer screening. 

Mammography is the most effective method of early detection.  Mammography can detect 85% of all breast cancers that can be diagnosed.  This is important because the cancers seen on a mammogram are often smaller and more curable cancers.

At Edina Family Physicians, all mammograms are read by a certified radiologist specifically accredited for mammography.  They are also scanned a 2nd time with a specialized CAD system called the Second Look 200.  This computerized system detects areas of potential interest that may indicate breast cancer on your films and marks them for the radiologist.  The radiologist reviews both your actual film and the CAD analysis of your film.  He will use the CAD analysis as a guide to further exam your films


This “Second Look” helps reduce the chances of overlooking potential cancers.



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