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Offered at Both Locations

When you have an x-ray at Edina Family Physicians 2 locations, your studies are completed with a computerized radiology system. We offer the convenience of having your x-rays completed on location as opposed to referring you to an outside hospital or radiology provider.

Computerized radiology means there is no wait time for your films to be developed. The medical assistant taking your film can see immediate results on the quality of the picture.

Once your study has been prepared it is available, while you are in the office, for your physician to look at on our viewing room workstation. In many cases, the physician will show you the digital x-ray and explain the results immediately.

At the same time, your x-ray is immediately available to our certified radiologist. He is able to access your digital films, read them, and give the results to your physician, often the same day the study was taken.

X-rays done at Edina Family Physicians are kept in permanent storage as a part of your medical record for 7 years. This includes all x-rays, MRI, CT, mammogram, and ultrasound studies. We also have the capability to copy your x-ray to a CD should you need to take your films to a specialist for additional consultation.


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